Friday, October 19, 2012

Sarah G, Live October 21, 2012 episode

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Meanwhile, reports also said that comedians Pooh, Ate Gay and K Brosas are all set to show their funny antics in a comedy segment. With these comedians, we can say that your night will never be the same again, catch them live on ABS-CBN right after "Rated K," the news magazine program of Ms. Korina Sanchez.  CONTINUE READING……

  1. ABS-CBN's Station ID with Sarah Geronimo gets 775,953 hits after two days
  2. ABS-CBN Station ID and Sarah Geronimo with almost a million hits
  3. Sarah Geronimo's movie with Zac Efron is still possible
  4. Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson: Music and Me
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